Saturday, 22 October 2011

Predicting a low future for Xbox emulation

if you continue to play along with xtras and all there names they create and promises they give guys are suxers....if you havent learnt time after time then im moving forward without the scene....

im sick of playing with those who jump at promises.....some people have coded xbmc...dvd2xbox.... and worked with top people for year after year after year and some others who knows maybe created an icon or two.....

its up to you if you continue to do this your scene will die and ill continue.....beleive it or not its up to you...its my prediction

its time to wake up guys....and face reality or reality will face you


  1. BP,

    Im not sure if this is aimed at me or people elsewhere, i don't know.

    all I can tell you is I have recreated a forum that I thought looked nice done by towmater.

    I sent you the admin details yesterday and you have full admins. I created it all in your name and created an email address for registration then emailed it to you (dunno if you got it).

    You can delete whatever you wish \ ban whoever you want. You said you wanted someone you can trust and total control of a site if you was to consider moving and that is what I tried provide.

    On another note:

    My PC was attacked again last night. whoever done it knows how to cover there tracks too so they aint stupid either.

    I will be increasing security (again) today.


  2. This isn't aimed at like a forum its aimed at all the questions of extras can you do this or that...stuff that is in coinops....people still want to believe people can do stuff I know they can't......a secure forum is what is needed as the scene is fast dying with so much bad progress ....promises they can't keep....and general koas that's not good for anyone.... ace its time to chat as the build is uploaded now mostly

  3. I just installed MSN portable but it wont connect, My machine is giving me some grief so I gonna rebuild it now and then tighten security.

    ETA 3 or 4 hours

    Firefox and IE are giving me issues trying to get the full version of MSN.

    ETA 4 or 5 hours

  4. you can just logon to hotmail and go though the net for it.? or maybe an irc channel

  5. You can enable a web based chat on the forums, it's the "Ajax Chat" mod BP. I think it saves what has been said, so you can log in and out and won't miss a thing!

  6. lol that tristan guy keeps asking for CoinOPS in final will never happen but final burn happened long ago in least no one follows him to the abiss now.....

  7. but he notices the author getting pissed everyone asking for CoinOPS these where the only people that said they didnt like CoinOPS and now they are trying to simulate lol lol lol......they hated it so much they killed all the forums now ask for CoinOPS features....they are my ideas....cause people cant work out how to code an ituative gui at all....surreal even copied my fav idea last time....yet say im the worst thing ever as well....imation is the greatest form of flattery :)

  8. Can I help you somehow?

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  10. Hi. Some people are also just finding out about xbmc for the first time. I have just treated myself to a modded xbox which should arrive today. But being completely new to all this, I don't know the best place to get the latest stable version of xbmc or coinOps (which I think is version 3 isn't it?). I don't even know yet how I get my xbox connected to the internet to transfer the files by FTP, having only just started playing the old xbox when the last console I ever played was the N64! LOL

    There are people out there that are new to all this and need a website with straight forward clear info. Could this be the site? In the meantime, can you help me with website links?